About Me

I'm an ex-lightkeeper (28 years), retired at 60, in 2002. I live on a 1 acre rural lot, with my wife Val (Grungy on all of her forums), a dog, a couple of chickens, and an undetermined number of cats that come and go. The house is located just off the edge of a reclaimed flood plain at 2500 feet elevation and, looking south down the valley, I can see the north end of the Idaho panhandle. I have a passion for gardening (tomatoes in particular), and an almost perfect climate for doing so. The summer days are warm to hot, the nights cool enough to need blankets, the season long enough to grow almost anything. Winters are real, but reasonable. We get snow, but usually not an excessive amount, and the temperatures get down to cold, but not miserably so. Winter gives us a big enough break from the garden that we don't burn out, and gives us the time to process and save seed, and keep touch with everyone in the forums. We've just stuck our first 300 varieties of tomato seeds into the bank and have another 100 conditioning in preparation for banking.

I can re reached at seedgrunt@gmail.com, or by posting a comment below.

January 17, 2009


I have been distracted from getting anything posted here. Things will improve shortly, now that we have a semi-joint blog http://grungysgarden.blogspot.com/ up and running, and seed trading has started again. Likely, most of what appears here will show up on the other blog in some form or other, and vise versa.
This blog will probably tend to more specific details on how to for the mechanics of gardening, at least initially, and may be a bit slow paced for entries.
Some of what appears here may seem, at first glance, to be nothing but babble. If that seems to be the case, bear with me, as there should be a point embedded someplace in the post, or it will be intended as a lead up to a following post. I do tend to ramble and get sidetracked, but I will eventually get to the point (and sometimes the sidetracks prove more fruitful than the point I started out to explore).
Comments or suggestions for topics are more than welcome.